ITNG provides IT system design solutions that improve performance and energy efficiency while reducing TCO.  Right-sized eco-friendly solutions can be built to reduce costs and simplify operations by incorporating the following guidelines:

  • Reduce Energy Consumption
    • use hardware with advanced power management features
    • leverage power-saving features of the operating systems
    • monitor energy usage
  • Establish Recycling & Reuse Progams
    • budget for the appropriate disposal or even donation of end-of-life equipment
    • responsible recycling – National Computer Recycling Act
    • donation programs
    • Electronic Productivity Assessment Tool
  • Buy Green
    • specify environmentally friendly requirements during the IT procurement process
    • power efficient systems including cooling and lighting
    • low-power hardware that follows the EPA Energy Star guidelines.
  • Datacenter Design Strategies – Right-Sizing
  • Server and Network Service Strategy
    • Blade Server technology
    • Virtualization and other consolidation technologies
    • Ethernet/IP everywhere – standardize/reduce layers of network technologies

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